Scivation Xtend Refreshing

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Scivation Xtend Refreshing

Scivation Xtend Refreshing On The Internet

Questions about Scivation Xtend Refreshing

Advice on supplements?

I am currently 17 years old and weigh 137 pounds. Along with lifting weights at a gym, I take a couple supplements to help. I take NO Xplode pre-workout and ON 100 Whey Protein post work out with Scivation Xtend - refreshing blue rasberry. Then I take ON 100% Casein protein before bed and in the morning.
Am I taking these supplements correctly?
Should I consume more? If so, When?

About the Scivation Xtend, on some jugs it says to take 2 scoops and 4 scoops on other jugs. On mine, it says 4 for Men and 3 for Women. I do not want to be taking too much.
How many scoops should I take? and When?

multiple vitamins plus omega 3 fish oil

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